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We are adding new products to our already extensive range on a continuous basis. Please visit this page regularly to see
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July 2017


Goosebumps continues to invest in hi-tech equipment, the most recent being a new automated croissant machine.

Goosebumps is proud to announce the achievement of the International Food Safety Standard, BRC (British retail Consortium).This is a global food safety standard that enable Goosebumps to export its product worldwide.

July 2017

NEW PRODUCT - Speciality breads

Five varieties of ready rounded dough balls to produce a wide range of sweet and savoury speciality breads. Enjoy a light rye bread with caraway seeds, cheese and onion bread with cheddar cheese and onions, multiseed bread packed with sunflower, sesame and poppy seeds, sweet raisin bread or a crispy white bread. Let your imagination and skills run wild. Just defrost, prove and bake-off!

See full details under BREAD on this website.

July 2017

NEW PRODUCT - Cinnamon bun

A sweet, buttery cinnamon bun that is soft and fluffy, bursting with sugary cinnamon and smothered with a cream cheesy topping. Goosebumps offers this ‘bakery solution’ in a box - both the cinnamon buns and the cream cheese topping ready to pipe onto the hot, freshly baked buns.

See full details under SWEET DOUGH on this website.

July 2017

NEW PRODUCT - Cheese puff pastry

Convenience on a roll! Ready to use cheese puff pastry, cut into easy to handle sheets to produce cheese straws, cheese puffs, vol-au-vents, quiche, fresh for you customers. Once you take a bite of this baked cheesy pastry, you can’t stop eating!

See full details under PASTRY on this website.

July 2017

NEW PRODUCT - Coconut cup tubes

Coconut filling in a tube which can be defrosted in a fridge overnight ready to pipe next morning and bake off, the perfect coconut cup - golden yellow colour packed with coconut with a soft and moist centre. Easy, no mess, no waste!

See full details under TART FILLINGS on this website.

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