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We are adding new products to our already extensive range on a continuous basis. Please visit this page regularly to see
what's new.

January 2019

Large and cocktail snowball halves

We have extended our range of snowball halves using the same soft and moist snowball recipe to produce cocktail and large snowball halves. No mixing or baking required, just defrost, coat with jam and dip into desiccated coconut. The finished bite size cocktail snowball is perfect for picnics, lunch boxes, catering platters or retail packs. The large snowball halves makes a jumbo size snowball perfect for the retail counter to satisfy the appetite of a customer who would like a sweet treat to fill them up.

See full details under DRYLINES on this website.

January 2019

NEW PRODUCT - Pasteis de Nata

Just defrost and bake! A crispy puff pastry crust with a smooth egg custard filling. Once cooled can be merchandised individually or packed into retail packs.

See full details under TARTS AND TART BASES on this website.

January 2019

Dark and white coatings

Ready to use dark and white coating - just heat and pour giving a flexible texture and perfect dry to give an elegant finish to sponge cakes or slices.

See full details under ZEELANDIA - COATINGS on this website.

January 2019

NEW PRODUCT - Jumbo éclair shells

An extra bite or two of chocolate topping and cream can be enjoyed when piped into Goosebumps new jumbo éclair shells. It is still made with the same traditional roux recipe, just piped longer to produce a larger éclair to add to our cocktail and standard éclair range. Just defrost, pipe in filling and decorate the top.

See full details under SWEET DOUGH on this website.

January 2019

NEW PRODUCT - Custard tubes

No mixing required! Defrost overnight in refrigerator and this creamy custard is ready to pipe into confectionery products from Copenhagens, doughnuts, and eclairs to sponge cakes and trifles.

See full details under TOPPINGS on this website.

January 2019

Caramel and Neutral fudge coatings

A fudge like coating that stays soft on confectionery. Heat gently and spread inside or on top of sponge cakes or slices.

See full details under ZEELANDIA - COATINGS on this website.

January 2019

Goosebumps branded trolley cover

A vinyl navy blue, Goosebumps branded trolley cover with clear plastic front window panel, two side zips and Velcro fastenings at base allowing dough and pastry products to be defrosted in a refrigerator overnight. A more permanent solution than using plastic disposable trolley covers.

See full details under MISCELLANEOUS on this website.

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